Sunday, February 1, 2015

SSO Avizent gaiters

Among many items, SSO also made gaiters from avizent.
In this review we have a brand new item, made around 2004. This is the metal buckle version, there is another variant with plastic ones.

 There is a strap on the top with a metal (or plastic) buckle, to help tighten around the leg.

Rubber band around the ankles, zipper on the sides with a Velcro and snap secured cover.

 In the inside they got the usual black waterproof material, typical to this period.

 The bright green label is in the left one

 There is a little hook, which can be attached to the shoe laces to secure the gaiters more.

 On the snaps the well known 'SO' logo.

On the bottom is a twine, which goes under the shoes preventing the gaiters from slip up.

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