Friday, February 13, 2015

Slavyanka Demi suit

 In this article one of our friend, Subcomandante from Italy, was so kind to show us his unique Slavyanka suit. Big thanks for it!

 Suit in actual use.


What we are talking here is a Demi season suit, in a sort of Blaumentarn pattern, although with many differences.

 orginal DDR pattern

here's the Demi Suit pattern 

The suit is a composed mixture of different fabrics, but I am almost sure it's 100% synthetic, my guess is 50% viscose 50% polyester or something of the sort.
It's quite heavy both in weight as in fabric, which is thicker then a Gorka.

The Anorak
The anorak is reminiscent of SPLAV's KOM suit or SSO's VDV suit, with a fair amount of different details:
The most evident are the three chest pockets, the left side pocket has a small pouch in a water resistant ripstop fabric to hold personal documents and objects of value.

There are several other nice features to this piece: arms pockets, waist area pockets filled with pile fabric to warm your hands,

All closure buttons are canadian-style.

on the rear in the ass zone there is a pocket to hold a sitting mat

The cuffs on the hands have a hole to put in your thumb and camouflage your hand.

The jacket also has some nice adjustment features: on the belly you have strings, like in partisan or VDV suits; the hood is adjustable as well and has a rigid wire in the brim part, to keep it in place. another surprising feature is an elastic cord to tighten the anorak to the body passing under the groin area and buttoning on the front. This will keep the suit from moving, and it really is a useful thing when you are wearing a vest or harness.

 The pants
The trousers have 4 pockets, two to the front, which - like in tactic nine "Anglija" suits- grant you access to underwear pants and actual pockets, and two on the rear, like SSO gorkas.
On the knee area there are openings to insert pads to absorb impact.

The real nice features of this pants are 2, in my opinion: the built in gaiters and that the lumbar area of the trousers is raised in order to offer more protection from cold, wind and foreign objects.
The gaiters are very nice, they are adjustable, they also have a hook to lock them to your boots.


My overall impression is very good, fit and finish of this suit are amazing, and it seems to me that is completely built around the needs of the soldier/user.
If anyone of you have other information about it or corrections to make to my review, please share, update and criticize me, so that i can improve it.

Cheers and thanks for reading.

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