Saturday, January 17, 2015

SPLAV M21 "Tarzan"

I managed to get one Splav M21 in the old 'Les' pattern. The M21 is not so famous as the M22, but the 'Les' pattern makes it unique for me.

For shame mine is not in flawless condition, but it still strong enough to be in use for several years, in milsim games.

The M21 has asymmetrical pouch placement.

On the left side we got three AK single pouches, and a bayonet pouch.

On the right side there are two horizontal pouches, originally for 12 gauge, but it can hold a single AK magazine, or two AS Val magazines.

There are also two grenade pouches on the right side, with rubber loop and a steel hook inside.

All magazine pouches have cuts on the lower corners so they are not good for holding small stuff.

On both sides above the mag pouches there are two horizontal little pouch, the left one is bigger than the right.
In the inside there are two big multi purpose pockets.
All pouches and pockets are secured with Velcro.

On the outside of the M21 we can find loops for ALICE attachments, for additional equipment, such as radio pouch, and daypack. The size of the vest can be easily fit with the two straps at the back, and the three-three straps at the sides.
On the bottom there are several loops for the tactical belt.

My opinion is, that this is a well made good quality equipment, in a unique camo pattern. It maybe not the best and most popular design, but sure is a nice piece to have.