Sunday, April 16, 2017

NAGANT-TACTICAL MKII clone chest rig

The Nagant-Tactical MKII chest rig is the exact clone of the Tasmanian Tiger Mark II rig.
There are several manufacturers who copy this famous chest rig, this russian company is one of these.

(There is a website name on the lable but it dosen't exists :) )

It has four pouches for AK 30rnd magazines in the front. Each can take two mags. At the sides threre are two utility pouches. These are really universal, they can take many small items or for example even the US type canteen fits perfectly. They are secured with waterproof zippers. There is an outfoldable admin panel, and straps for hard plate inserts in the inside.Same as on TT.

I have tried to find infos about the company but could not find anything. If anybody knows something please contact me, and I will update this article.

The used materials, are really nice and strong. The multicam material is I think cordura, the straps are really strong and have some nice mustard yellow color. The plastic buckles are good quality Duraflex.

Nagant-Tactical rig is made for operator useage not an airsoft copy. The overall quality is really fine. I like this rig more than the original TT thanks to the uniqe color of the straps.

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