Friday, July 29, 2016

SSO Bober-M

The SSO Bober-M (бобёр - bevaer) is the modernized (M) version of the famous Bober rucksack.
The modernization was done well in this case. Lots of good features are present in this backpack compared to the old version, which was already very good.


This is not a comparative review, so I will only focus on the M version.

The Bober-M is a 25L assault pack designed for fast attack manoeuvres or rescue missions. It provides the user fast access to the equipment inside, with a relatively small size. The reviewed item is made from SSO SPECTRE material, which looks durable, has a nice matt tone on the outside, and an impregnated surface on the inside.

There are two compartments closed with zipper. The main compartment has one flat pouch inside, for water reservoir, or according to the producer it can be used for storing files or laptop. If you use it for water storage, there is a cut for the tube on the top of the backpack so the drinking tube can be easily led through. A little strap with a snap is at the top of the inner pouch to fix the reservoir in place.

In the smaller compartment you find various small pouches for radio, pens, documents, maps, notes etc.

On the front of the Bober-M there is a big MOLLE panel. It can hold in place a lot of big sized stuff. Such as helmet, clothes, sleeping bag, even weapons.

This panel has six compression straps, two on each side and on the top. On the bottom it has a mash base which was made to hold the additional stuff better. It functions like a big pouch, but has a hole at the bottom, if you want to fix long items, such as guns or shovels. Attached to the inner side of this compartment you can find two straps and numerous fixing positions, to help to secure the equipment.

On the sides there are pouches for water canteen or flares.

Many MOLLE straps on the Bober-M add a lot to the modularity.

The back of the Bober-M is well padded, it provides comfort and air ventilation. The right shoulder strap has a fast release buckle built in, if you are in a hurry.

The backpack is provided with a well padded, removable waistbelt, with MOLLE on it. The belt has a big loop for carabiners on the left side as well. The waistbelt is fixed to the pack with a large piece of Velcro and two straps on each side.

Overall I like it very much, it can be used for  Mil-Sim games and civilian everyday missions, too. ;)
Long therm test will follow up.


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