Tuesday, September 23, 2014


The SSO MOLLE base is another excellent product, from the Russian Sposn company.
This vest is a widely used gear among Russian special forces.

It can be seen mostly in black, on FSB and MVD soldiers, but there are some examples for OD color in use, of course in different OD shades according to production period.

In this review I got the newest coloration version.

 In the front there is a rough zipper and 3 plastic buckles to fix the vest in the right position.

 At the back there are three straps to adjust size and one under the shoulders to help balance the carried weight.

 The used materials are strong and tough, the seems are well made.

 In the inside we got all mesh surface, which helps air ventillation

 At the shoulders there are pads built in for increased comfort

 The shoulder is adjustable with Velcro and a strap, that holds the size secured.

 At the top of the back we can find a carrying strap

 In the inner side of the front panels, there are secret pockets on both sides, secured with zipper.

 Inside these pockets there are waterproof pouches with a security line fixed to the vest.

 At the bottom of the whole MOLLE base we find loops for the pistol belt.

This is the latest coloration, 2014 edition.

My overall impression: this is another great product from SSO, truly built to last, it satisfies the needs of real soldiers or operators, so for airsoft play it is more than good! :)

It is available in black, OD, and SSO Spectre

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