Monday, June 18, 2012

MilSim Training 2012. 06. 9-10.

Two members of our team took a part from the Milsim training game last weekend in the nearby forest.
Twenty four hours event with three sides. Red forces vs. Blue forces and a sniper team against both of

We were on the Red side of course, and had the opportunity to test our equipment again. The Fleactar-d outfits in the forest just worked perfect. Sometimes the enemy did not know from where we shoot, and we where sitting just about 20-30 meters in front of them. :D

Day one was about taking a forward operating base, and defend it. But after a big wave of enemy attack we had to give it up. So at the second half of the day we tried to get it back. After a few assaults the Blue forces tried to break out, but our squad where in their way, so they did not make it.
The FOB was again on Red hands.

On the morning of the second day our squad was deployed again to the FOB to defend it with another team, at all costs.
At the rest of the game we have repelled all attacks, but after a few hours we where outnumbered and out gunned, so the only chance was to break out.

Some of our men, went forward, but they have run into the enemy. They have encountered a few Blue team members, and than radioed for reinforcement. The rest of our team went to help. We have reached the main site of the endgame where the enemy flag was raised. We had the luck that only a few guarded the site. So it was not hard to take the enemy flag. After this we have called our main forces to bring our flag immediately, they where luckily in the nearby, so they came, and after a little shooting they where able to raise our flag, and the round was won.

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