Tuesday, March 15, 2016


PK-A red dot was made by Belomo Belorus.
This optic site is very simple, and durable. In the inside we can find a tube with a led and a mirror lens, which, makes the vision of the dot.

This tube is adjusted by two knobs. One vertical and one horizontal. The secret is in the quality of the mirror lens. It is well made, and has the parallax correction. Means that the movement of the users head, and eye doesn't influence where the point is aiming. It has an additional ring for shading, what you can install to both front and back of the site (installed on front on the pictures)

The PK-A has a rail mount for classic Russian siderails. In this case the reviewed item has a SKS/AK type mount. It is also available in SVD type. The AK type makes the dot sit a bit higher. This exact piece has two a PSO style open knobs for adjustment, meaning you are able to fast correction to the aim.

The dot has multiple amount of adjustment, starting and ending at the brightest set, so from OFF setting you will always start on the brightest one, which can come in handy in unforeseen situations.

This PK-A operates on two LR-44 batteries, it can run for a few days on full brightness without any problem.

Thanks to the siderail type mount, it really holds zero even if you dismount it, and remount again later.

I got mine used, it was used on real rifle, in the Russian special forces. The former owner cut out a little piece from the mount, so you can close the tighten clamp even more. It has a sexy kamys bag for transport

This red dot is a tough Russian optic site, which will be more than enough for my needs on airsoft rifles.

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