Friday, November 20, 2015

AS Val - NPO vs. LCT vs. real steel

On the pictures we can see the NPO (2014 version) and the LCT AS Val next to the real steel. 

The barrels are nicely done on both replicas 

 The NPO has normal AK sight at least on this piece, LCT has the correct sight

 It seems that neither LCT or NPO has the correct charge handle 

 NPO is about 2 cm longer than the real one, LCT has the correct length

 The handguard has different size on both LCT and NPO, but LCT again a bit closer in shape to the real one

 NPO wins at the topcover size and shape. In this NPO version the body was made a bit higher and the topcover lower, but the real trick is in the shape of the topcover, it has a banded line at the bottom making it look lower. And this little modification on the body makes it able to fit all the real scopes, LCT had to release a replacement part to the PSO sights

 The lock of the folding stock is a bit short on the NPO but a bit long on the LCT

 The stock itself also has some differences on both replicas. Sizes are the following:
real: 95 mm
NPO: 90 mm
LCT: 95 mm

 The handguards, and the bolt imitation having the right length on both airsoft versions

Here we can see that both replicas have longer body than the real steel, in order to fit the gearbox


  1. So what would you reccomend? Lct or npo?

  2. Whoever voted lct in 2020 hasn't researched what npo has done since this comparison

    1. They did nothing...just renamed new VAL as 20th series after newer version...maybe barrel is not 90cm but 92cm...that's all orignal 1987 VAL is always better.