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IRT EGER Chest Rig review

This is the old version of the Eger chest rig, originally made by SSO. This version can be spotted on two pictures during Beslan school drama 2004.

Not much later the design was changed, using Velcro and snaps on the pouches, instead of the leather straps, and the two small side pockets for grenades where changed to two-two separate pouches.
However to find this early (or maybe first) version of the Eger rig is almost impossible.

  original rig from Beslan (the one from the original photos above)

This is why I think IRT (Indonesian Repro Technologies) decided to reproduce this exact version.

I'm a big fan of the Smersh, but I wanted a chest rig for smaller missions, or when I have to carry big backpack. I have searched a lot, to find what would be the most suitable for my needs. Earlier I have tried the SSO Lazutchik, but it has some features in the order of the pockets that I don't like. So I decided to get an Eger. I have examined the current version, but nowadays SSO uses a very week and bad quality material, so I did not wanted to risk it. I also like old school type of gear, so when I found it out that IRT is making this rig I started to think to get it from them.
Their price is one reason to think it over more than once, because it is a repro stuff we are talking about.
But anyway, I decided to buy one.

First I had to find the best source for this, I live in Europe but it was a bit cheaper to order it from Canada. 

They are reliable and have great customer service, I can only recommend them. However the Eger rig was not in stock, it was made after my order, and was sent from Indonesia directly from the manufacturer.

Lets see the rig itself

At the first look, it was excellent, it is Avizent, it has good sewing and good quality materials. It looks like the original, except from a few small details.

One is the colour of the mustard yellow straps, the original, is not as bride yellowish as on the IRT, more brown shade. On the original, old type SSO products, they used brown Velcro, not apple green like on the IRT version. The snaps on the original have the SSO logo, IRT has none, which is not a big problem, just to see the full picture I would like to mention.

The biggest problem is the Avizent material. It is Avizent that is true, but half thick as the original. I have compared it with my original backpack and gaiters, and must say IRT type is way way weaker. And this is also true on the black material they used, which is on the original items supposed to be water resistant. For the price of their product, the used material seems to be a bit low quality, and this is the real disappointment about the product.

lower part of the picture is a piece of original Avizent material

The Eger rig is a lightweight rig, at some points it maybe the modernisation of the Liftchik rig used in Afghanistan.

It has three magazine pouches in the front. Those have removable separators inside. They can hold two magazines each, with the separator inside or three when the separator is removed, but this way they are so tight that it is uncomfortable to use.

There are two flare pouches, one on each side, they have also Velcro separators inside, so it is easy to use with or without them. The covers of these pouches are secured with Velcro.

There are two grenade pouches on the sides, securing with leather strap, also with Velcro separators. These pouches have a great size for utility purposes.

The Eger has padded shoulder straps, the padding gives a good comfort if the rig is weighted, the straps are nylon type material, like the one used for seatbelts. They are very strong but slippery. so to keep them in the place after I set them, I have used some electric tape. To be old school I have chosen blue ones, like "elektrichka" ;)

The radio pouch is included to the rig. It is the copy of the old type SSO radio pouch. Not much to say, it is well made.

At the back of the rig there is a map pouch.

The conclusion from the IRT Eger chest rig, is that I can have a really oldschool looking type rig, made from Avizent. It is lightweight, it has place for everything I need, in a comfortable way.
The material is however not as strong as the real one, as I would have expected for the price. But all in all, I like it, and it is surely a unique piece of my gear.

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