Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The SRVV SAS Harness - kind of SMERSH

I had the opportunity to get a closer look on to a Survival Corps SAS harness.

The first impression was kind of disappointing.

And the second was not much better either.

Overall it is a load bearing system similar to the Smersh, but it is less modular.

It has the same function parts, but they have only one loop to fix to the tactical belt. The belt itself is just a plane nylon fiber belt with a plastic buckle, no big deal.

The coloration of the woodland camo is excellent, it looks like the western type gears, not like the cheep Chinese copies. The producer on its website says it is made of Cordura. If this is so, than it is the thiner type of Corudra maybe 600D...

All the buckles and loops are made of plastic. There where no long lasting test on this item, so I can not say how durable they are.
The sewing of all parts was done with some light gray or light OD thread, which makes the whole thing look cheap.

About the parts: it has a PLCE stile harness, attached to a belt, on the belt there is 2x2 magazine pouches, which can hold eight AK mags, on the side of the pouch there are smaller grenade pouches, closes with Velcro. There is a buttpack with a built in nylon dustcover. The volume is about 8 liters. There is a radio pouch on the shoulder strap, and two canteen or multipurpose pouch on the sides.

My opinion is that maybe this is not there best quality product, maybe there are more preferred items in their production line. So this one is maybe not worth its price. However it is still an SRVV item, which means it looks good in your collection.

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