Saturday, June 1, 2013


A few days ago my Fort Defender II replica just arriwed from Toysoldier.

The vest was made from high quality Nylon, a bit like cordura.

All the seams are very good, no loose strings.

The Velcro is so strong, and good qualtiy that sometimes it is hard to open.

This Defender II replica has everithing it has to.

It has a replica soft armor insert included in the inside. All the pockets for the hard plates are on their places.

Two on the front

Three on the back

On the outside we have the loops and the Velcro base for the neck protectors, and on the shoulders we have the adjustable straps, to set the size.

At the lower front the Velcro for the groin protectors is also done.

In the inside it has the ventillation inserts on back, and the Velcro base on the front panel for the same reason.

The overall conclusion is that TS replica is a very good quality vest. Made from strong materials, crafted with skill.
The neck and groin protectors are not included, but the manufacturer promised to release it soon separately.

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